Can I bake pizza on foil?

Can I bake pizza on foil?

Baking your pizza on an aluminum foil is still a subject of contestation. Though my results are not totally conclusive, there still stand reasons for worry. Patients suffering from Alzheimer have been found to contain aluminum build up in their brains. This has been medically attributed to the use of aluminum foil.

Baking your pizza with an aluminum foil is very quick and efficient, and it ensures some aspect of tidiness on the pizza baking stone. However, that is not free of risks. This massive use of aluminum foil has resulted into high levels of concern by medics and experts. According to this blog With the right oven, we can minimise this. World over today, tons and tons of aluminum foil are being used in the cooking experience. Apart from baking pizza, aluminum foil is also being used to trap steam when cooking, in the lining of baking pans, in the roasting of vegetables and baking of fish on the barbecue.

Ingestion of 40mg per kilogram of human body weight of aluminum on a daily basis is regarded safe by the world health organization. However, majority of the people surpass this recommendation. According to research, high levels of aluminum build up in the body results into reduction in the growth rate of human cells and these aluminum elements in the body are very toxic to patients with bone diseases or renal impairment.

Baking pizza on an aluminum foil results into leaching of aluminum into your pizza. The quantity however, varies from one pizza oven to another basing on the level of temperature heat produced by a pizza oven and the use of certain ingredients on your pizza. Using aluminum foil to bake your pizza creates the entry route of aluminum metal into the human body. The higher the temperatures of a pizza oven, the more the level of leaching of the aluminum foil into the pizza. This phenomenon has raised concern, that the regular use of aluminum foil in baking your pizza could be harmful and toxic to your health.

Even though many researchers have argued that the little contributions of aluminum from aluminum foil when baking pizza in an oven are safe, it is very pivotal that you take caution for prevention is better than cure.

Baking a pizza with an aluminum foil also gives poor cooking results. This is evident when the bottom of the pizza is found to be uncooked at the end of the baking process. This is attributed to the fact that the aluminum foil is completely watertight. This implies that the foil does not absorb water and steam as does the pizza stone. Therefore, when the foil is placed on top of the pizza stone in the place of a parchment paper, then it acts as a barrier for the pizza stone to soak humidity and to buffer the wetness of the dough.

The foil prevents the pizza stone from maintaining constant heat at the base thereby giving a soggy bottom since the humidity from the dough has no escape route on the underside. Meaning you cannot realize a crispy pizza with a fluffy bottom.
















Have you heard of the movie Blackhat? If not, you are about to get enlightened on whether it is a perfect decision to watch it or not. But on a higher scale, you may end up looking for the movie in your nearest movie shop or instead stream it online and watch it in the comfort of your bed or living room.

Photo by Ma_Co2013 / CC BY

This is not an implication that it was so perfect a piece of the movie, it is just a must-watch piece. The cyberterrorist is scamming people and stealing value stuff and are also a danger to nuclear plants in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. He confidently threatens them whiole wearing a nylon gun belt. Nick Hathaway is also a very well experienced computer hacker, who was serving a jail sentence of 15 years in prison and has to struggle to be set free from his jail term. Nick is serving a jail term for allegations of being involved in bank robberies. In case you are not aware; he is also among the main characters of the movie too. When he’s not backtracking bugs, he’s playing the guitar. Read more atĀ

Blackhat is a film precisely a thriller one, produced in 2015. It has an American origin. The movie’s producer and director are Michael Mann, and it features a lot of well-known maestros in the acting industry. It casts big names like; Wang Leehom, Tang Wei, Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis among other actors and actresses. It was first to let to the public for watching on 16 January 2016.

Blackhat is an exciting movie and generally describing how humans act like and are sure it is an extraordinary production in the market. Chris Hemsworth seemingly the main character by the name “Nick Hathaway ” performs a very talented and genius minded hacker that aids the secret organization FBI and an intelligence unit from China to track down a terrorist who mainly work through cyber. Somehow though fascinating, Blackhat seems like an old thriller series and it can not be easily dramatized.


It should be noted that one of his programs while in his young age had appeared on one of the cyberterrorists attempt to do their fraud. The terrorists were using the code to destroy a China-based nuclear plant. He is needed as personal of help, and this helps him to struggle to find freedom and get to start a life out of prison. By helping out the agency with the terrorists, he will be able to be set free; he has no option but helps the government fight the attackers. The government solely agrees to fight the cyberterrorists after major cyber terrorism in China. The China agents offer the job to Chen Dawai who is a colonel, whereas the USA government using FBI assigns the mission to MarkĀ  Jessup and Carol Barrett who are based in Los Angeles. After an invitation of Chen Lien that is when they realized that Nick’s code is being used by the terrorists to manipulate information and get unauthorized access to the system.

Nick has to work tirelessly to locate the hackers of the system, and all these responsibilities are in his hands to save the two governments and himself from the sentence. Nick, has to help hunt the “Blackhat” criminals and so he is convicted. Nick has to crack the riddle of how the hackers are spreading a dangerous virus to the nuclear plant and how they were able to access the firewalls which are well protected without anyone noticing in time.

The military is also involved, and there are a lot of engagements in fights against the terrorists and which seems dangerous and thrilling to the viewers. Bloodshed while fighting against the gamers being fought against is experienced. Characters move from one location to another using airplane and private helicopters in their fight against the hackers who are terrorizing the government.

The movie also cuts down to the emotional connection part of Nick who falls for a girl, that means it depicts intimacy too. It is just an all-around kind of a piece. You would watch this movie time and again if you are a lover of thrillers and action. It is just production on its own, words alone would genuinely explain this whole “Blackhat” piece.