Can I bake pizza on foil?

Can I bake pizza on foil?

Baking your pizza on an aluminum foil is still a subject of contestation. Though my results are not totally conclusive, there still stand reasons for worry. Patients suffering from Alzheimer have been found to contain aluminum build up in their brains. This has been medically attributed to the use of aluminum foil.

Baking your pizza with an aluminum foil is very quick and efficient, and it ensures some aspect of tidiness on the pizza baking stone. However, that is not free of risks. This massive use of aluminum foil has resulted into high levels of concern by medics and experts. According to this blog With the right oven, we can minimise this. World over today, tons and tons of aluminum foil are being used in the cooking experience. Apart from baking pizza, aluminum foil is also being used to trap steam when cooking, in the lining of baking pans, in the roasting of vegetables and baking of fish on the barbecue.

Ingestion of 40mg per kilogram of human body weight of aluminum on a daily basis is regarded safe by the world health organization. However, majority of the people surpass this recommendation. According to research, high levels of aluminum build up in the body results into reduction in the growth rate of human cells and these aluminum elements in the body are very toxic to patients with bone diseases or renal impairment.

Baking pizza on an aluminum foil results into leaching of aluminum into your pizza. The quantity however, varies from one pizza oven to another basing on the level of temperature heat produced by a pizza oven and the use of certain ingredients on your pizza. Using aluminum foil to bake your pizza creates the entry route of aluminum metal into the human body. The higher the temperatures of a pizza oven, the more the level of leaching of the aluminum foil into the pizza. This phenomenon has raised concern, that the regular use of aluminum foil in baking your pizza could be harmful and toxic to your health.

Even though many researchers have argued that the little contributions of aluminum from aluminum foil when baking pizza in an oven are safe, it is very pivotal that you take caution for prevention is better than cure.

Baking a pizza with an aluminum foil also gives poor cooking results. This is evident when the bottom of the pizza is found to be uncooked at the end of the baking process. This is attributed to the fact that the aluminum foil is completely watertight. This implies that the foil does not absorb water and steam as does the pizza stone. Therefore, when the foil is placed on top of the pizza stone in the place of a parchment paper, then it acts as a barrier for the pizza stone to soak humidity and to buffer the wetness of the dough.

The foil prevents the pizza stone from maintaining constant heat at the base thereby giving a soggy bottom since the humidity from the dough has no escape route on the underside. Meaning you cannot realize a crispy pizza with a fluffy bottom.














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