5 Best Islands for Honeymoon in Asia

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Choosing a honeymoon destination is difficult because of the countless numbers of islands that make you confused. One consideration is to choose a location for a honeymoon. In arrange planning a honeymoon trip, it would be better if discussed with a partner. What is needed to be discussed? Starting by setting a budget and determine the length or theme of the trip.

Then, pay attention to the atmosphere, season or weather, and the situation of your honeymoon destination. Here are 5 islands for a honeymoon that you can try.

1. Koh Tao Island, Thailand

Koh Tao Island which is part of the Chumphon Islands in Thailand which has long been known as one of the tourist destinations in the White Elephant Land. The economy is based on the tourism sector, especially scuba diving. Koh Tao Island holds millions of charms that are ready to welcome you. Sunbathing and walk on the white sand beach or relax in Thailand beach villas, while enjoying the beauty of the island of Koh Tao you can find there.

2. Koh Lipe, Thailand

The smallest island in Thailand is not too broad so you can take a walk in just an hour around the island. Koh Lipe is the name of a small island located in the Adang-Rawi Islands, Satun Province, Thailand. But do not underestimate this island first because its natural beauty is so charming with the beauty of the beach with its brilliant blue water and beautiful white sand. You can dive and snorkel with your partner. Koh Lipe is surrounded by smaller islands and coral reef systems that offer a perfect habitat for marine flora and fauna.

The beauty of the underwater scenery makes this place a favorite diving site for tourists. One of the most popular dive spots there is Stonehenge and Eight Mile Rock.

3. Bali, Indonesia

If you and your partner need a place of quality relaxation after all the wedding celebrations, go to the yoga and meditation center on the island of Bali.

Besides the calming activities, you can also explore the lives of indigenous Balinese people and use your time to enjoy the beach from sunrise to sunset.

4. Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara holds a beautiful paradise on the beach in every corner.

One of them is the group of Gili islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Melo, and Gili Air) which is a paradise of dark blue waters.

On these islands do not allow cars or motor vehicles so you can sit relaxed in one corner of the island while enjoying the beautiful beaches.

5. Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is an area within Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia. Langkawi Island is famous for its natural beauty and gets UNESCO World Geopark status. This eco-park is best seen from the Langkawi Sky Bridge.

The tourist attraction which is the main magnet here is the cable car. However, this cable car in Langkawi is different than usual. The cable car line runs along 2,079 meters, steeply uphill, with a direct view of the summit of Mount Machincang as high as 708 meters.

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