Cheap Shopping Center in Bangkok, the ‘Shopaholic’ Paradise


Bangkok is one of the must-visit destinations in Thailand. This country offers so many unique varieties as tourist attractions. One thing you can’t miss is an unforgettable shopping experience. In this article, you will find 4 cheap shopping centers in Bangkok.

1. Terminal 21 Bangkok

There is something unique when you visit Terminal 21 Bangkok. In this shopping center, you will find a different concept for each floor of this mall. This will gives you a special shopping experience compare to other malls. If you want to visit this shopping center, you book your night at the Solitaire Hotel in Bangkok. Solitaire Hotel is one of 4 star hotel bangkok located near the mall.

2. Chatuchak Weekend Market

The first cheap-shopping-center in Bangkok is Chatuchak. Chatuchak weekend market is the best place to look at handicrafts that represent Thailand in Bangkok. As for how the market named, this market is only open every Saturday-Sunday. This market is known as one of the biggest markets in the world, with 8000 kiosk inside.

In this market, you can find many things such as antiques, ceramics, furniture, and souvenirs. Chatuchak Market is also one of the culinary paradise for street food lovers. More than 500 stalls lined up and ready to present various snacks that will tempt your tongue.

3. Pan tip Plaza

Are you a tech-lover? If so, Pan Tip Plaza is the perfect place for you to hunt for electronic goods. In this plaza, many kiosks provide various electronic devices. From hardware to software, you can find everything in Pan Tip Plaza. The price offered at Pan Tip Plaza is quite competitive, so you don’t have to worry about the price, you will get the best price for electronics here.

4. Pratunam Market

The next cheap shopping center in Bangkok is the Pratunam market. This place is perfect for you who want to shop for wholesale clothes. Pratunam market has so many fashion products, ranging from casual style up to luxurious styles. One more interesting fact about Pratunam Market is this market open for 24 hours a day.

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