Differences between North and South Italy

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Geographical stereotypes exist in different places of the world and Italy is one of such countries. Italy is a country of two large regions with people who feel closer to the foreign counties that borders them than their fellow nationals. Here are the differences between South and North Italy :

Different work/life balance

The life/work balance in North and South Italy are extremely different. South Italy is noted for being a place where the people take time out to cherish small pleasures such as sitting on the porch gazing at the sunset with a glass of wine by the side and taking long coffee breaks while working short weeks. Southern Italians believe life is meant to be enjoyed and they do this to the fullest. However, North Italy is believed to be a place of numb workaholics who do not care about enjoying the various pleasures life has to offer.

Different weather

The South of Italy has lovely, sunny weather while the North does not. In the South, the weather is likely to be very hot if you visit around August. However, the mountainous areas help to combat the heat with a healthy breeze. But in the North, it is not uncommon to see the weather humid and foggy with large portions of snow. The South of Italy is regarded as the part of Europe which gets milder and mostly snow-free weather. If you want to experience these differences in Northern and Southern Italy or you are travelling to a part of the country, you can check out list of travel companies, to know which travel companies can help with improving your journey in Italy. You can also read Air Transat reviews to see if you can use their services for your flights.

Different education

The South of Italy is considered to be educationally disadvantaged than the North, although some Southerners are very brilliant. Northern Italy has a lot of brilliant minds as well but with better opportunities. The educational adversity an average person in the South faces is more than what their counterparts face in the North. The North is better developed and fast-paced and the opportunities are very handsome. However, the economy and culture in South Italy prevent a lot of Southerners from living their full potentials.

Different acceptable behavior

The difference between the general way of being between the North and South of Italy is highly pronounced. What is considered to be right in the South is seen as impolite in the North? For instance, in the South of Italy, you can scream at your friend from a balcony to the other while it is wrong to do so in the North. Additionally, the South has more rules that bound general conversations while the North does not. You can


Both the North and the South of Italy are hospitable but the South outperforms the North. The Southerners take hospitality to a new level. They are generous to a fault. For instance, they can use all the food they have grown to prepare a meal or you if they invite you over for lunch or dinner. They love to give and receive compliments a lot. However, even though Southerners are more warm and welcoming than Northerners, both are generally private people and it can take some time for you to have a piece of intimate knowledge about someone.