Patong Beach in Thailand – The Natural Beauty of Beach


Patong Beach in Thailand –  holds a stunning natural beauty. If you are a fan of water tourism, then it never hurts to stop by Patong Beach, located on Patong Island. This tour presents interesting and tempting natural scenery. No wonder there are many tourists flocking there.

Patong Beachtourism is suitable to be used as a relieve fatigue after spending time with work. In addition, do not forget to invite family or friends to get an exciting and exciting tourist experience.

The beauty of Patong Beach in Thailand

Interested in visiting Patong Beach? There are some unique facts that you should know in advance.

  • Incoming tourists ==> There are so many tourists who come from all parts of the country. Not only from domestic tourists but also from various parts of the world. This shows that the charm of Patong Beachis second to none. This beach seems complete with its vast poetry.
  • The atmosphere of the beach ==> interesting thing that can be found on this beach is the presence of white sand and long. So it’s no wonder that the white sand on Patong Beachseems endless. Not to mention the existence of mangrove trees that make the beach feel more calm and refreshing.
  • Sea biota ==> Patong Beachin Thailand  displays a beautiful charm that makes visitors feel welcome to linger there. Located on Patong Beach, you can see the diversity of life of marine life. There will be so many small fish that gather until sometimes like forming like a composition in the water.
  • Variety of exciting activities ==> In addition to the attractive beach scenery, you can also do various interesting things on Patong Beach. You can swim, get around using a boat to a variety of other exciting activities. The waves on this beach are not too big so it’s safe to have fun.

Patong Beachin Thailand  is also a suitable location for use as a fishing area. For those of you who have a passion for fishing, it never hurts to pass the time by fishing on this beach. You can channel a hobby while enjoying the beauty of a charming beach on Patong Beach.

Access to Patong Beach from the Sea

Patong Beachis located on the edge of the Straits of Thailand, Bengkalis. There are several accesses that can be chosen to reach Patong Beach. 

If you are interested in sea jelur, you should note the ferry departure schedule to be able to cross to Patong Beach. For those who travel with a group, you can also rent a ferry at the agreed price. The maximum capacity of the Ferry is 60 people.

Access to Patong Beach from the Land

Next is by land by crossing the Patong Strait to South Patong using Roro. After arriving, the trip will be encouraged to go to northern Patong. The travel time is around 30 minutes.

Patong Beach in Thailand  is one of the interesting destinations that you can visit with your family. Don’t forget to capture various moments of togetherness so that the holidays will be more memorable.

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