Quality Vacation with Family

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Quality Vacation with Family РThe school holiday period is a very pleasant time for children. Because, during school holidays, your little one can do fun activities. They are free from routine school work.

Basically every human being, including children, needs a vacation. Holidays are needed because the human body and mind need to be refreshed and renewed. Especially after all this time undergoing routine daily activities.

Effective vacation activities will make a person avoid the boredom and loss of enthusiasm when doing the demands of routine tasks again.

The following are some examples of Quality Vacation with Family that are useful for filling children’s school holidays, which are expected to provide insight into the knowledge of mothers and children in determining alternative vacation activities.

Quality Vacation with Family That You Must to Try

  1. Activities that can support children’s creativity and imagination. For example making various forms of candles or clay, painting, drawing comics, composing poetry, etc.
  2. Activities that support children’s physical development and skills, such as swimming, dancing, gymnastics, sewing, morning walking, playing badminton, etc.
  3. Activities that practice the ability to socialize children. For example by inviting children to stay in touch or visit relatives, stay at grandma’s house, play with neighbors’ children, etc.
  4. Activities that can support children’s emotional intelligence. For example, taking children to an orphanage, seeing poor residential areas, nursing homes or visiting victims of natural disasters so that children develop a sense of empathy for others.
  5. Activities that add insight to children’s knowledge. For example, taking children to museums, temples, bookstores, visiting the countryside, shopping at traditional markets, etc.
  6. Activities that support children’s spiritual intelligence. For example, by visiting natural attractions, such as mountains, botanical gardens, the sea, lakes, participating in pesantren kilat or tadabur alam, where children can admire the greatness of God and increase gratitude.
  7. Activities that can support children’s reasoning abilities, such as visiting zoos, experimenting in science groups, etc.
  8. Activities that support personal development, such as fostering a sense of responsibility and independence of children. For example, by involving children in outbound events, camping with school friends, etc.

From various examples of these activities, children can choose alternative activities above or look for alternative other activities to do during the holidays. In order for the alternative activities chosen to be effective in filling children’s holidays, here are some vacation tips that can be used as guidelines.