Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners

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For those of you who have been to Thailand and visited Similan Island, of course, you have seen people doing scuba diving. Similan islands diving is indeed a beautiful spot to explore. For you who are interested and what to try scuba diving for the first time, you must pay attention to several things. Here we provide some scuba diving tips for beginners.

1. Listen and follow the directions of the diving instructor / guide.

If you go diving for the first time, you will be given complete instructions. Starting from how to use oxygen masks to how to see oxygen levels in the tube. The explanation will be a little long and sound boring. Nevertheless, listen carefully and don’t be shy to ask if you don’t understand.

2. Choose goggles that fit your face

The right diving equipment is the primary key to explore underwater. Swimming goggles are essential, especially for you as a beginner. Having water inside the mask will certainly make you uncomfortable.

3. Don’t hold your breath underwater

The most important thing when diving is not to hold your breath underwater. Sometimes, you unconsciously hold your breath while exhaling air through the mouth. It is very dangerous because it can cause accidents in the lungs.

Breathe normally and relax while in the water. Breathe in deep air through your mouth and expel everything through your mouth as well. The capacity of the air entering and leaving must be the same and balanced. Also, the air in the body will make you lighter, so it pushes you to the surface faster.

4. Memorize hand signals

Remember that you will not be able to talk while in the water. Therefore, signs were created as a means of communication while under the sea. Get to know and memorize the signal carefully.

5. Don’t go too far from the instructor/guide

It’s okay to enjoy the marine park yourself or dive further from the guide, but not too far. Since you are still a beginner, it is riskier to get into trouble than a professional. Accidents are more likely to happen when you are far from the guide.

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