Some Reasons Why Similan Island Becomes Famous Tourist Destination


If you come to Thailand to look for exotic places, natural beaches, and unique natural scenery, then the Similan Islands is a suitable destination for you. This archipelago consists of nine islands, but only a few are open for public access. Koh Similan Island is the largest island in the Similan Islands group.

Many activities to do on Similan Island include sunbathing, enjoying the beautiful nature, diving seeing the underwater scenery, and many more.

The following are some reasons why Similan Island is a trendy tourist destination:

Live onboard

For those of you who have lots of time, Live On Board is a must activity to try when visiting Similan Island. In this tour, you will stay for several days on a boat and dive in the best places that can only be reached by Similan Islands Liveaboards. If you are interested in doing this activity. You can contact Manta Queen at

Underwater world

The Similan Islands are very popular for marine beauty lovers. You can dive while enjoying the underwater wealth in the Similan Islands. You will find various types of coral reefs and sea animals here, such as leopard sharks, barracudas, stingrays, and turtles.

The Beauty of Nature

The Similan Islands are located in the Andaman Sea and are declared as a national park in Thailand. The environment is intensely monitored, with no construction of buildings, hotels, or cafes that exists here. In this place, tourists will find natural beauty untouched by civilization, beautiful tropical forests, clean beaches with white sand, and clear sea where you can see exotic fish.

Warm climate

In Similan, the weather all year round is good. Even in the rainy season, the air temperature doesn’t drop much. In summer, the average temperature on Similan Island only reaches 35 degrees. The mild warm climate in the Similan Islands is great for a beach vacation.