Tips on Getting Cheap Flight from Malaysia to Belitung


The flight from Malaysia to Belitung takes approximately 5 hours drive. The opening of flights from Kuala Lumpur to Belitung is expected to increase the number of tourists on the Laskar Pelangi island. Thus, the economy of the community will also be more helped.

How to Get Cheap Flight Tickets from Malaysia to Belitung

To get tickets from Kuala Lumput to Belitung, you can search for them online. Until now there are many applications that are ready to help you to get to Belitung easily without having to buy tickets at the airport directly.

If you are interest in get a more affordable price, you can consider the following tips:

  • Compare ticket prices ==> You can book flight tickets from Malaysia to Belitung via the application. This step makes you able to compare ticket prices in one application with other applications first. Next, determine which is the cheapest.
  • Order from far away ==> the next tip is to place your ticket in advance. Usually, the airline will give a special price if you book a ticket in advance. Purchasing tickets on an impromptu basis will only get you a much higher price.
  • Buy when the promo ==> how to get a cheaper price next is to look for promos. If you’ve found a cheap ticket, you can immediately buy it before the price goes up.

To get a cheaper ticket price, you can do a few tips above.

Tour Packages in Belitung

There are many reasons why Belitung makes many people interested to visit it. One of them is a diverse tour. This is also the reason why Malaysian flights to Belitung received good reception from various circles.

Here are some of the tours offered by Belitung for tourists.

  • Kaolin Lake ==> The first tour is Kaolin Lake . This tour presents a lake with a very clean color of the land and blue colored water lights up. To enjoy this tour, you can immediately go to Air Raya Village, Tanjung Pandan.
  • Tanjung Tinggi Beach ==> after making a flight from Malaysia to Belitung which is quite draining, your trip will be paid off with the presence of Tanjung Tinggi Beach. This beach presents white sand with super large granite. You can do many exciting activities including swimming.
  • Batu Berlayar Island ==> You can also pass the time by visiting Batu Berlayar . This tour has a natural beauty that is so mesmerizing views. When the water is rising, you can see the rocks on this island that are like sailing. 
  • Penyabong Beach ==> There is also Penyabong Beach which can be found 65 km from the city of Tanjung Pandan. You can find tons of giant granite rocks jutting out to sea. Penyabong Beach itself becomes one of the interesting beaches that is visited by many tourists.

There are many exciting tours that can be visited on Belitung Island. To get an exciting tour experience, you can use Belitung Tour Package services without having to have difficulty finding transportation to your own lodging.