Traveling in Bangkok


Bangkok is recognized as one of the shopping centers in the Southeast Asian region. Metropolitan that has a population of more than 8 million people who offer a complete atmosphere, a combination of cities that maintain traditionalism also open to change and modernity. As the largest and most populous city in Thailand, life in Bangkok is more vibrant than any of the other cities. Heavy traffic is a daily view of this city. The residents mingle with tourists from one tourist object to other objects in Bangkok.

Many things are offered in this city, combining modern western and traditional eastern. Hotels and office buildings are well-equipped with old buildings and exotic temples decorated with beautiful gardens. The facilities offered at this city are quite complete, starting from modern shopping centers, appetizing snacks, to dynamic nightlife. If you want a long stay residence Bangkok, please book a hotel in Aetas, various types of lodging will certainly make your vacation more comfortable.

Traveling around Bangkok

Many things can be done during the trip in Bangkok, for example exploring museums and historical places, culinary and shopping, or driving for a while to the nearest beach. If you want to go around the city, try the sensations on riding the Thai Tuk Tuk.

If you are happy with history and culture, Bangkok National Museum, Muang Boran. or the Royal Elephant Museum can be an option to take a peek into the history and culture of Bangkok. The Grand Palace which was built by Raja Rama I was also an important place. The palace is the residence of the ruling monarchy.

Next, you can visit the temples which amount up to 400 temples. Of course, it is impossible to visit it one by one, which is popular among tourists are Wat Arun and Wat Phra Kaew.

You can also visit Siam Ocean World to observe sea life nearly. Moving to the Chao Phraya River, we can observe the crowd water traffic. The long tail boat and small rowboats pass over and over again.

Culinary in Bangkok

Bangkok is a street food paradise. However, it can also act as ‘hell’ for those who are not interested in challenging food. However, in the city, we can found scorpions that are usually served as snacks. Another common snack found is mango sticky rice. Many such snacks are found in the Khao San backpacker area. there are also more ‘normal’ foods like Pad Thai and duck rice.

Shopping in Bangkok

The main shopping center in Bangkok is at the Chatu chak Market. Located in the northern part of Bangkok, this market can be accessed easily using the sky train. This market only opens at the end of the week. This market area reaches 6.8 hectares! That’s how the market is divided into 27 different sectors. Each of the sectors sells a variety of different types of goods.

Items sold in this market are clothing, souvenirs, household equipment, beauty goods, and animals. It is common for visitors to buy a large amount (generally clothing) to resell it in their home country.

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