What to prepare for marriage

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Every couple who goes through a relationship would want to go to a higher stage, namely marriage. Arranging a wedding is not easy with the many desires of the couple and the two families that cannot be ignored. Marriage preparations can make a couple feel stress.

Here are some preparation that every groom and bride need to know:

1. Number of invitations

The first to determine is the number of invitations. In terms of the invitation, the bride and groom should discuss a lot with the spouse and parents. Prepare an invitation at least two months before the party. You need to see the design, do revision, and many more. The invitation print process can take more than a month.

2. Marriage Location

Search for venues that match the number of invitations and themes chosen. If you opt for an indoor theme, Renting a ballroom in a hotel is the right choice. Choose a hotel that provides wedding packages such as Novotel 4 Star Hotel Saigon Center, located at 167 Hai Ba Trung, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. You can order it directly by contacting phone number +84) 28/38224866.

3. Determine the budget

From the number of invitations and venues, all ned to be counted well. Calculate everything. Make sure that you have enough savings for your wedding budget.

4. Estimating the date of marriage

After everything is done, choose your wedding date. Determine the estimated date and always communicate it to the family.

5. wedding dress

Looking for wedding clothes is next to do. Choose whatever dress and suit that you and your couple want for the wedding.

6. Decoration

Choose a concept before determining the decoration. Run everything according to the concept you made at the beginning. If you chose the blue theme, then the decoration also needs to be blue with a touch of other colors just as a compliment.

7. Souvenirs

Souvenirs also need the be thought of in the wedding preparation checklist. To make memorable souvenirs for guests, you need to prepare at least two months before the wedding day. However, if you don’t have time, choose souvenirs that are already available in large quantities.

9. Wedding Ring

Finding a wedding ring is not difficult right now. Many stores have wedding rings for couples without having to order them in advance. To make it personal, you can ask to engrave you and your partner’s name in the ring.

Have you listed all of the preparation mentioned above? Now you need to finish all the preparations as soon as possible. It is vital so that you can relax in a week before the wedding. Good luck!